Wednesday, December 16, 2015

PItch Day

I just had a successful pitch day on Tuesday. Pitch day is where the students pitch their idea of their 20% time project to a committee so they can give advice and critique your plan. I think it went pretty well, the presentation and our readiness, except the committee was a bit rude and they didn't seem very interested or ask any questions.

Monday, December 7, 2015

My New 20% Idea

After a lot of thought, I decided to slightly shift my 20% time idea. My new plan is to collaborate with Lauren, since her original idea was to make a desalination device to donate to countries in Africa so that people could have clean water. She also wanted to collect money for the "Water Is Life" foundation which went along with my idea to help out 3rd world countries and I didn't have much of a plan before but now I know exactly what I want to do. Our brief plan is to first contact the "Water Is Life" foundation and ask for their help and advice, then construct a desalination device. This is specifically for the women that usually walk miles to get dirty water and walk the far distance back, so Lauren and I are attempting to make a filter system that women can carry on their backs like a backpack and the water will filter while they walked so it is clean and ready when they return. I'm excited to start this project, and I know that working with a partner will make things twice as productive and make harder goals easier to accomplish.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

20% Time Project

I have been working on my 20% and it's been hard to find out what i'm going to do, but i finally decided on starting a charity for people in poor 3rd world countries. This includes collecting clothes, shoes and money etc. I'm going to use one of the websites that Mr. Eckert used to chat on twitter with other classrooms from around the world but instead of twitter I'm going to video chat. I'm also going to set up a link to donate money online so that it will be easier and I will be able to collect more from people living outside of Webster or Missouri or even the U.S