Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Supplies!!

This week, Lauren and I received a package from Ken Surritte (The founder of the Water Is Life Organization) In it were two straw filters and two other filters made for larger portions of water, along with two Water Is Life T-shirts. After messing with and trying out all the filters we constructed our first basic blueprint!! Our blueprint consists of charcoal and iodine crystals and membrane filters and possibly magnets to collect salt, but that portion will be focused on and more detailed later. The dirty contaminated water will pour out into the filter which will be pumped with air similar to a bike pump, and the result is clean desalinated water! Here are some pictures!
Lauren (Left) and I opening the package from Water is Life
This is our basic draft for our filter!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Skyping Water Is Life Founder

Lauren and I have been preparing the past week to google hangout with the founder of the "Water Is Life" organization; Ken Surritte. Today is the day we did google hangouts, we told him our idea and he thought it was a good idea and then he gave us a lot of advice and suggestions and he showed us some of the filters from water is life. He also said he would like if we went on a mission trip to africa with water is life at some point which i think is a great idea and would even benefit my college application. Another thing, is he is sending us some of their filters to see and he's sending us a tshirt for each of us