Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shifting/ Adding Our Plan

      Lauren and i have just decided to shift our 20% idea. Instead of making a desalination device for just dirty water we are going to attempt to make a filter that also works for lead and salt, since nothing has been made for these two water infestations. I think that this will help our project because we're adding a specific problem to focus on and it will also be an amazing accomplishment if it works, because if we can create a filter for lead, then there is a solution for Flint, Michigan's water crisis. If we can use this to filter salt out of water, then any of the many people with access to saltwater can use this like in California since they are experiencing major Droughts. We also hope to make this inexpensive and affordable so anyone can purchase it, by doing this we could help millions of people around the world with a large array of water related issues. At this point, Lauren and I have been doing a lot of research about lead and salt and we are already coming up with some ideas to test out which will be our next step.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

     We just finished Idea Showcase! It went very well, Lauren and i finished our poster and made sure we were prepared for all the questions. It lasted about 2 hours and a fair amount of people showed up, but no one signed up to be our mentor which is okay since Ken Surrite is already helping us. Mrs. Hellwig Interviewed us for a grade and that was pretty easy and we were able to answer all her questions. I thought it helped us a lot just answering everyone's questions so we could get a better idea ourselves of our plans, and we got some great advice and encouragement!
                                                                  Here is our poster!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Desalination Device Updates

     Our teacher Mr. Eckert filed a grant from Donors Choose for all the students to receive anything they needed for their 20% time project a few weeks ago and all our packages just delivered yesterday!! Lauren and I ordered Iodine crystals and a solar panel but at this point we're not sure if we'll use it, but we will for sure need the iodine crystals and we just ordered some membrane filters. I plan to have constructed a basic model of our filter within this month because things are running very smoothly and productive. Another upcoming event is the idea showcase which will take place on February 16th, which is where the students create a table to present their project and anyone can come in to view it and ask questions, give advice or comments. Me and Lauren are now preparing for it and starting to make our poster.