Sunday, April 3, 2016

       Yesterday, Lauren and I finally did our experiment! We started off with dirty and salty brown pond water and then we used the membrane filters and our selected ingredients to filter out the salt and some of the dirt. We first tried out the chia seeds. The chia seeds seemed to absorb a lot of the dirt making the overall water much clearer. After that we tried pineapple, then potatoes,  the yogurt, and coconut oil. The pineapple and potatoes seemed to do fairly well and the coconut oil collected much of the visible dirt particles but the yogurt was too watery and did absolutely nothing. After that Lauren and I took some samples of the chia seeds water before and after filtering. We did not yet take samples of the other ingredients. We have just ordered PH/ Water quality/ Salinity tester off of Amazon so as soon as that arrives we will be able to check out the results much more precisely and we will be able to re evaluate the other ingredients. I think our project is doing well so far and I'm ready to see which ingredients help to most.

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